Lowell Resources Fund ("the Fund") is a unit trust that is focused on investing in shares and other financial products issued by resources companies listed on Australia and overseas stock exchanges.

Each investor in the Fund receives units that confer an equal undivided interest in the investments and assets on the fund.

Unit holders may buy additional units or redeem units at prices that reflect the underlying asset values at the time. The ability to invest and withdraw from the fund is more fully described in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

In addition, each unit participates equally in any income distributions generated by these investments. This income may occur as a result of the realisation of capital gains generated by selling the fund’s investments, or from dividend distributions received by the fund from its investments.

The Fund is a specialist Managed Investment Fund that focuses its stock selection on junior resource companies that:

  • have achieved significant exploration success;
  • have established a potentially commercial resource base; and
  • are considered to have a good probability of building on that initial success and moving into production.

Highly selective investment in the junior resource sector requires patient and informed research. In general this focus on small, emerging companies may involve higher risk and longer time frame than investing in the major resource companies, but may produce superior returns over the longer term if stock selection proves to be favourable.

The Investment Manager has engaged a group of resources industry professionals with the requisite experience and knowledge to guide the Fund in the implementation of its investment strategy.